Jamie Jensen

The Inspiration for Billy's Mom

The mother in “Shame Mud” is an absolute legend, right? She’s clear, she’s articulate, she helps Billy process his shame without jumping to rescue or fix him. She is amazing.

But, this is fiction, right? We created Billy’s mom as a prototype for you to work with and learn from but we weren’t working in a reality that’s like yours, right?

Well… tell me something. Have you ever had a clear moment like Billy’s mom? Even if it was just once? Have you ever had your child come to you with a problem and you handled it beautifully? Maybe you’d had a gloriously slow morning and a wholesome conversation with a friend, or maybe you’d just had a massage, or you had finished a project and felt proud?

If you are saying that you’ve NEVER had a moment like that - I don't believe you. If you are using your spare time to read an article on how your parenting could be better then you are striving to be a purposeful parent. I’m confident you have had a clear moment with your child - it may just be hard to remember.

The truth is, YOU are an absolute legend. YOU are clear and articulate. YOU help your kid process their big feelings. I’m not saying you do it 100% of the time - we’re not cyborgs. I’m saying you have done it before and you will do it again.

Billy’s mom isn’t pure fiction. She’s based off of parents who try. That’s you.

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