About us

True Worth Books

Who we are

Who are we? We are parents! We have gathered together in an effort to create tools for our kids and fortunately, we like to share! We have special needs kids and siblings, kids with trauma and kids with mental illnesses. All of us have been through therapy and have seen the benefits of it! We are a team of advocates for kids and all the glorious ways we can connect with them. In simple terms, we are a team of ordinary people striving to see our true worth and share how we did it.

What we do

We create stories to begin vulnerable conversations and help us all recognize our true worth. Now, more than ever, we feel strongly that connection in our families is crucial, and connection happens when we see ourselves more clearly. We cover the hard ones: shame, guilt, labeling, expectations, lying, and even immunity! We focus on the effect these emotions and situations have on our bodies and we encourage sharing those experiences.

The people behind the magic

The team at True Worth Books.

Jon Jensen Co-founder, Designer

Jon is talented at so many things, it gets to the point of ridiculous. Jon built and maintains our website and edited the video for our kickstarter campaign. He focuses on our branding, helps with the typography of our books, and is generally the handyman that keeps it all running smoothly. Jon has a degree in design and works professionally as a User Experience Designer in the software industry. When not keeping us all on task, he is playing the mandolin, working on leather projects, or fishing with his sons.

Jamie Jensen Co-founder, Author

Jamie is a full-time mom, a part-time writer, and a full-time daydreamer. She is a published author writing historical fiction under the pen name Scarlette Pike but after entering trauma recovery she has also been using her writing talents to benefit her children’s emotional health. When not mothering or writing you can find her gardening or scuba diving - sometimes at the same time! In the near future you will be hearing more about her new books for kids! Guilt Monster and Sticky Labels.

Dustin Baird Illustrator

Dustin has been thinking in color and pictures since infancy. He has a deep love of being a full-time parent and he makes it fun by drawing lots of monsters and anything from the 80’s. Dustin’s favorite book as a kid was “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak. He is enthusiastic about joining True Worth Books because he wants all the positives tools he can get for his daughters, especially his little girl with anxiety and OCD. You can follow Dustin’s individual art projects by following him at dustinbairdart.com.

Amanda Mills Editor

When we asked if we could spotlight her on Instagram she said “No thanks”. And when we asked if she wanted us to direct writers to her website to get more clients she said “No thanks. I’m happy with the clients I have!”. Manda is an example to us all of simplistic living. It made us love her even more!!

Our Kids THE Beta Readers

Our beta readers are kids first! Since all the adults involved with True Worth Books have at least three kids at home, we have a good group of beta readers! After we have kid feedback, we go to a small group of parents, teachers, mental health gurus, and therapists. We gather all the information and stew over it with our editor until we get it right. Then? We take it back to the kids and make sure they still love it!

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